Further reading


The following resources on financial management can be downloaded for free from the sites indicated; resources which only exist in hard copy are listed separately.

For resources on other aspects of humanitarian work, see All In Diary.

BOND (2012), How to guides series: Project Budgeting, Advocacy and Campaigning, Fundraising from institutions, Fundraising from trusts foundations and companies, The Logical Framework Approach, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Civicus (2005), Civil Society Planning Toolkits, Johannesburg: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Toolkits on: developing a financing strategy, financial controls and accountability, writing a funding proposal and budgeting. Also available in: English, Spanish, French and Russian

CGAP (2009), Glossary: translation of accounting terms between English and Arabic, Washington: Consultative Group to Assist the Poor

GDN (2009), Proposal writing and fundraising, New Delhi: Global Development Network.

Lewis, T. (2010), Practical Financial Management for NGOs: Getting the Basics Right, Course Handbook, Oxford: Mango

Mango (2010), Guide to financial management for NGOs, Financial Management Health Check for NGOs and Mango's Accounting Pack, Oxford: Mango

NGO Manager (2012), E-Library: 4. Managing finances, Geneva: NGO Management Association

Tearfund (1992-2008), Footsteps No 11: Basic bookkeeping; Footsteps No 26: The Analysed Cash Book; Footsteps No 57; Managing money - Footsteps No 76: Accountability, Teddington: Tearfund. Footsteps No 26, 57 & 76 also available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

UNHCR (2003), Partnership: an operations management handbook for UNHCR's partners, chapters 2 and 5, Geneva: United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNHCR (2007), UNHCR Handbook for Emergencies, chapter 23, Geneva: United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNHCR (1999), Effective Planning Guidelines for UNHCR Teams, Geneva: United Nations High Commission for Refugees


These books are generally available from online bookshops otherwise the publisher. The thirteen digit ISBN is given as shown in the book where known. It may be necessary to search using the ISBN with or without the hyphens, or even replace the hyphens with spaces. Note also that not all publishers have changed over from the old 10 digit ISBN system to the new 13 digit ISBN system: to convert from one system to the other, see www.isbn.org/converterpub.asp

Buy from AmazonBorgenvall, M., Jarskog, H., Murray, B. and Karlstedt, C. (1999), Improve Your Business, Basics, Geneva: International Labour Office. ISBN 92‑2‑110853‑8. Also available in French ISBN 978‑92‑2‑110853‑5

Buy from AmazonCammack, J. (2000), Financial Management for Development: accounting and finance for non-specialists in development organisations, Oxford: INTRAC. ISBN 978‑1‑89‑7748‑52‑7

Buy from AmazonCammack, J. (2014), Basic Accounting for Community Organizations and Small Groups: a practical guide (with training activities and notes), Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing ISBN 978‑1‑85339‑821‑6

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Buy from AmazonEastwood, M. and Norton, M. (2010), Writing Better Fundraising Applications, London: Directory of Social Change ISBN 978‑1‑903991‑97‑8

Not available on AmazonGupta, K. N. and Fogla, M. (Ed.) (2004), Manual of Financial Management and Legal Regulations, Delhi: Financial Management Services Foundation

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