Further reading


The following resources on financial management can be downloaded for free from the sites indicated; resources which only exist in hard copy are listed separately.

For resources on other aspects of humanitarian work, see All In Diary.

BOND, How to guide series: Project Budgeting and The Logical Framework Approach..

Civicus, Civil Society Planning Toolkits, Toolkits on: developing a financing strategy, financial controls and accountability, writing a funding proposal and budgeting. Also available in: English, Spanish, French and Russian

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor, Glossary: translation of accounting terms between English and Arabic

Humentum, Guide to Financial Management for NGOs: A range of free resources

John Cammack, training and consultancy for non-government organisations: Resources

Tearfund, Footsteps No 11: Simple record keeping; Footsteps No 26: Simple and effective accounts; Footsteps No 57; Managing cash flow - Footsteps No 76: Financial Accountability. Many of the Footsteps editions are available in a variety of languages.


Borgenvall, M., Jarskog, H., Murray, B. and Karlstedt, C. (1999), Improve Your Business, Basics, Geneva: International Labour Office. ISBN 92‑2‑110853‑8. Also available in French ISBN 978‑92‑2‑110853‑5

Cammack. J. (2020), Cross-cultural Organizational and Financial Training; a practical guide. Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing eBook: ISBN 9781788531085 Paperback: ISBN 9781788531054 Hardback: ISBN 9781788531061

Cammack, J. (2000), Financial Management for Development: accounting and finance for non-specialists in development organisations, Oxford: INTRAC. ISBN 9781897748527

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Cammack, J. (2014), Building Financial Management Capacity for NGOs and Community Organizations: a practical guide, Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing ISBN 978‑1‑85339‑825‑4

Cammack, J. (2012), Communicating Financial Management with Non-finance people: a manual for international development workers, Rugby: Practical Action Publishing┬áISBN 978‑1‑85339‑732‑5

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Eastwood, M. and Norton, M. (2010), The Complete Fundraising Handbook, London: Directory of Social Change ISBN 978‑1‑903991‑97‑8

Not available on AmazonGupta, K. N. and Fogla, M. (Ed.) (2004), Manual of Financial Management and Legal Regulations, Delhi: Financial Management Services Foundation

Herbst, N. B. And Norton, M. (2012), The Complete Fundraising Handbook, London: Directory of Social Change ISBN 978‑1‑906294‑57‑1

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