You are able to account fully for the financial resources with which you have been entrusted.

Key questions before leaving head office

See also 'Controls' section, which aims to avoid errors, waste, misuse, fraud and theft of these resources

What to do from the outset

Cash payments and programme advances

In the early stages of an emergency many team members will be making cash payments using programme advances. Some of these payments will be very large. There are high risks involved:

From the start:

As soon as possible, reduce the number of :


Developing systems

Survival systems are suited to the early days of an emergency but more developed systems will be needed to improve your ability to manage the finances. Aim to set up your organisation's full accounting system as soon as possible. More

Financial reports and audits

Regular financial reports will be needed by:

Audits may happen at any time. This may be because something has gone wrong or because the law, donors or your organisation requires it.

If you can not sort out the accounts